BMS Pocketbike Model Project.3 :

Immagine an awesome bike with innovating technicals solutions, developed in collaboration with a prestigious aeronotical french school and tested on the track by the best champions, one and a half year of development to create the perfect equation... Yes, we are talking about the P3... We have developed this bike as we would have developed a MotoGP. The P3 is delivered in finition EVO-R or in finition FACTORY full options with Bizeta or Iame engine, magura hydraulic brakes, adjustable castor angle, adjustable swing arm and much more... (contact your reseller to know specifications and prices).

You just have to put the bike on track and turn the throttle!



BMS Pocketbike Model Project.2 :

The P2 is a real winning machine. The range is available in STANDARD or RACING versions (contact your reseller to know the options, specifications and prices). The New P2 evo was developed to have the better performances. The new tubular swing arm (same as the P3) improve the stability and the handling to gives you the better experience and performances.

Our policy is to give you the best at all levels.



BMS Pocketbike Model Project.1:

The P1 range is available in STANDARD or RENT version (contact your reseller to know the options, specifications and prices). The P1 is a very performant bike and win each year, lots of championships!

 More than a bike, a legendary racing machine.  



Engine Iame/Parilla or Bizeta 40cc or 50cc
Engine Cycle 2-stroke
Cooling Air or Water Cooled
Power Output begin at 4.2Hp to finish at 16.5Hp
Exhaust System Iame/Parilla or Bizeta Racing Tuned
Transmission Iame/Parilla or Bizeta 2/3-shoe Centrifugal Clutch 7x66
Tyres / rims PMT T40/T41/T42 / Billet aluminium BMS Rims
Carburetor Dell'Orto from 14 SHA to PHBG 21 Adjusted
Frame Handcrafted Aluminium Race Frame with Tuned Flex
Starter Manual Pull
Bodywork Full Fairing Race Fiberglass. Carbon as an option
Brake Calipers Billet Aluminum Full Floating Brake Calipers. Hydraulic as an option
Brake Rotors Daisy Shaped Rotor Disc. 160mm Front, 120mm Rear
Fuel Premium Unleaded (92 Octane and Synthetic Oil)
Fuel Mixing Ratio 50:1
Fuel Capacity 33 gallon
Carrying Capacity 242 pounds

* Ask your reseller for all details concerning each model (14 differents models are available, begin at 4.2Hp and up to 16.5Hp. You will easily find the model adapted to your needs or to your championship rules)

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